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Scary Library Ghost (Ghostbusters)

A terrifying ghost

Funko has logically chosen to represent the most terrifying version of this ghost. She is standing on a transparent base that makes her look like she is levitating and her hands are stretched out in an aggressive attitude. Her skin is a rather unhealthy pink and she is wearing a purple dress that is falling apart from the very clean version seen on the first version of the character. On the head, her mouth is open to very sharp yellow teeth and her eye sockets are hollowed out very deeply to house yellow eyes. Finally, her white hair floats behind her.


A first encounter

Scary Library Ghost, whose real name is Eleanor Twitty, is the first ghost that the Ghostbusters team meets in the movie of the same name. Indeed, before Dr. Venkman, Dr. Stantz and Dr. Spengler created the Ghostbusters company, they were studying the phenomenon as academics and were called when strange phenomena were noticed in the library, which even made the librarian faint. At first she appears as a rather serene old lady who haunts the library and piles books up high. But when the ghostbusters approach her, she turns into a terrifying ghost with sharp fangs and disappears never to return.


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