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Slimer avec saucisses (Ghostbusters)

A disgusting ghost

Funko has represented Slimer in this new version of the famous Slimer trying to eat a dozen sausages that he stole from the restaurant table of the hotel he was haunting. Slimer has no human form at all, he is a kind of green ball with arms that perpetually drips slime or ectoplasm, a slimy substance created by the presence of ghosts. It is represented with a transparent green plastic that allows to maintain the shape of the character in levitation in a very intelligent way. The only human element of the character is this huge mouth with pink gums and white teeth.


A not really terrifying ghost

Slimer is one of the first ghosts that the Ghostbusters team manages to capture in the famous 80s fantasy comedy. Indeed, Dr. Venkman, Dr. Stantz and Dr. Spengler are academics whose work on parapsychology does not please their university too much and who decide to start a ghost-catching business. They are not taken seriously until they are called to a hotel where a ghost is terrorizing the guests by devouring everything in the buffet. Indeed, Slimer doesn’t particularly want to terrify the guests but he does want to stuff himself with everything he can find and his appearance isn’t exactly appetizing either. The Ghostbusters will succeed in capturing him and this is what will launch their career.


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