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Slimer (Ghostbusters)

A slimy ghost

As his name suggests, Slimer is a very slimy ghost who always leaves traces of ectoplasm behind him. He is therefore represented as levitating and the figure stands on the slime drippings that create a kind of base for the character. Slimer is therefore a very bright green and rather round in shape. He has two human arms that he raises in a vaguely threatening attitude. His eyes are black like all the pop figures but the rest of his face is quite different from the usual pop figures and much more expressive. He has a small round nose and his mouth is wide open revealing two large rows of teeth as well as pink gums and tongue. The ectoplasm flows are represented in an equally bright green but slightly transparent plastic, which reproduces the slimy texture of this material.


A friendly ghost

Slimer is a secondary character in the movies Ghostbusters 1 and 2. In this movie, doctors Egon Spengler, Raymond Stantz and Peter Venkman are researchers in parapsychology. After being fired from their job at the university, they decide to create a company of ghost hunters. Their first job is at the Sedgewick Hotel in New York City, which is haunted by a large green ghost that the Ghostbusters will name Slimer because it is made entirely of pure ectoplasm and leaves slimy trails behind. After this first job, they quickly get more because the supernatural activity in New York is increasing due to the presence of the evil god Gozer. At the beginning of the second film, their company has gone bankrupt and Slimer has become a sort of mascot for the group. When they resume their business, he even helps them fight against the terrible Viggo.


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