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Wrecking Ball Biohazard (Overwatch)

A radioactive hamster

Funko has released a 6-inch supersized version of the character in his mecha and radioactive skin for this exclusive version. As always, his mecha is a kind of ball (hence its name) from which four legs and two arms with guns coming out of them come out. Hammond is sitting on top of the mech with one finger pointing forward. In this version, his body is green with a small round and plump head, a small tuft of hair on the top of the head and a metallic piece on the forehead.


A resourceful hamster

Wrecking Ball, whose real name is Hammond, was one of many animals used as guinea pigs on the Horizon moon colony in the online video game Overwatch. These animals had been brought there to do experiments to make them more resistant and adapt them to life on the moon. But some of the experiments had unexpected consequences and made some of the animals bigger and stronger, but more importantly, smarter. While the apes were organizing their rebellion, Hammond developed his engineering skills and managed to latch on to gorilla Winston’s ship with his own capsule. Making a name for himself in mecha competitions, he earned his freedom to travel the world.


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