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B.O.B gold (Overwatch)

A golden robot

Funko has represented this exclusive BOB figure in a golden and super-sized version of 15 cm. As on the normal version, we find his powerful metal body with impressive muscle arms and a face with a big black moustache and green eyes. But this metal is golden like on one of his alternative skins. As always, he wears a modern cowboy outfit with pants, boots and a sleeveless vest open on his chest. Finally, he is holding a Route 66″ sign in his hand that he seems to have uprooted from the ground.


A loyal butler

B.O.B is one of the many playable characters in the online video game Overwatch. As his name suggests (Big Omniac Butler), B.O.B is a robot, more precisely an omniac butler for a rich family whose youngest daughter was named Elizabeth. She was bored and her parents didn’t care about her and B.O.B was the only one who listened to her and spent time with her. When she was older, she met the bandit McCree who gave her a taste for crime, especially bank robberies. She took the name of Ashe and created her own armed gang and, as a faithful butler, B.O.B followed her and armed himself heavily, thus becoming her personal bodyguard.


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