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Junkrat (Overwatch)

A body in the image of his mind

Junkrat’s physique is in the image of his chaotic personality. We can see his metallic artificial leg worn with half torn green pants and a big brown boot on the other leg. One of his arms is also missing and replaced by an orange artificial arm in which he holds a kind of rifle that seems to be assembled from several different weapons. At the head level, we can see that the whole top of his face is very dirty or like a bit burned after an explosion. His blond hair is styled in spikes and his skull is partly bald, revealing even more damaged skin.


The Australian Madman

Following the Omnic Wars, a part of Australia was offered to the Omnic fighters in the hope of establishing peace. But the inhabitants of these regions were left with nothing, so they rebelled against this decision and the fighting escalated until an Omnic generator exploded. Australia and a large part of the outback became an unlivable, deserted and radiation-polluted area where no one could survive. However, some still managed to survive. Junkrat is one of them, and since the radiation made him crazy, he is the perfect candidate to live by recovering and selling the carcasses left there during the war. He also has a great passion for explosives, which makes him a dangerous criminal whose only goal is to sow destruction and chaos everywhere he goes.


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