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Reaper shadow step (Overwatch)

Reaper shadow step version

For this exclusive figure, Funko has represented Reaper in shadow step version, that is to say when he marks a specific place, disappears and can reappear later on. His armor normally completely black, as well as his two weapons, become partially transparent at the feet and legs. He still wears his skull mask but his eyes are red instead of the usual black.


The Reaper

Reaper is one of the playable characters in the popular online game Overwatch. After undergoing scientific experiments, Reaper has the peculiarity of being in a state of perpetual decomposition and regeneration which forces him to wear a full suit of armor containing his body and preventing him from disintegrating. But this of course makes him particularly resistant to attacks and gives him specific abilities during the fight, such as the fact that he can transform into a kind of ghost, moving from one place to another almost instantly.


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