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Witch Mercy (Overwatch)

Another way to fly

For this version, exclusive to the Blizzard Shop, Funko has represented Mercy with her special Halloween skin, namely that of a witch. Instead of her usual white outfit, Mercy wears a bustier, pants and funny brown shoes, all made of leather. She is sitting on a broom that mixes traditional and futuristic look and that is put on a transparent plastic base giving the illusion that she is flying. In the back, she wears her usual wings but with a more traditional look. And finally, at the head level, she wears her blond hair falling in front of her face and a pointed witch hat.


A Halloween Angel

Mercy is one of the most popular playable characters in the popular online multiplayer video game Overwatch. In this game, players compete in teams of six in a game mode that is part first-person shooter, part arena capture. Mercy was a talented Swiss neurosurgeon who had always refused to join the Overwatch league because of her military background. But as time went on, she realized that it would also be one of the best ways for her to help people around the world. Mercy is a mainly healer character and she has the particularity of having an armor with metal wings that allow her to fly. For Halloween, we were able to discover a slightly different version of Mercy between the angel and the witch.


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