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McCree (Overwatch)

The Overwatch Cowboy

As in the game, McCree mixes a decidedly Wild West look with the futuristic elements that are so typical of the game. This figure is particularly detailed and is probably one of the most successful of this series. We can see his cowboy pants and boots as well as his orange poncho but also his robotic hand and his golden armor on the chest. He holds in his right hand his famous peacemaker”. On the head, Funko represented him with a mouth so that we can see his famous cigar. His half-length hair in a mess and his famous hat are also very well represented.


Outlaw turned vigilante

Jesse McCree is one of the heroes of the popular online first-person shooter Overwatch. Before joining the Overwatch league, he was an arms dealer in the southern United States. Due to his knowledge and ingenuity, when he was arrested, he was offered the chance to join the Overwatch secret department rather than go to jail and he accepted. When Overwatch was disbanded, he decided to go back to work for himself, but only for good causes to make up for his past mistakes.


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