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Torbjorn Molten Core (Overwatch)

A character on fire

For this figure, exclusive to Best Buy stores, Funko has represented Torbjorn in a molten metal version that represents his activity as an engineer. He still wears the same outfit with his big armor, helmet, big beard and hammer but the colors are different. The top of his face and his outfit are black and it slides to an orange color and then to yellow for his beard and the tip of his shoes. As on the previous version of the character, he is accompanied by this funny little robot, this time in black version.


The Overwatch version of the dwarves

Torbjorn is one of the playable heroes of the video game Overwatch from Blizzard Studios. Originally from Sweden, he was one of the most brilliant engineers of his generation, creating the most advanced machines in the world. But he came into conflict with his bosses when they insisted that they now be controlled by artificial intelligence. Torbjorn was right to be suspicious as the omni robots turned against the humans who created them. He decided to join the Overwatch league so that his creations would only be used to keep the peace.


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