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Ana shrike (Overwatch)

A mysterious character

For this Amazon exclusive figure, Funko decided to depict her wearing a full face helmet completely hiding her face. Her usual outfit made of a complete suit is here entirely black for an even darker look but very nicely reproduced with all the different details of armors and harnesses without forgetting her famous cape which always completes her look. At the head level, her hood hides as always her hair and instead of the simple headband hiding her missing eye, she wears a full helmet with three turquoise lines in the center and whose details are once again very well done.


An even darker version of the character

Ana is one of the playable heroes of the online video game Overwatch. An excellent sniper and fighter in general, she was long considered one of the most respected members of the Overwatch league. But one day, when she was already 50 years old, she was confronted by Widowmaker, one of the Claw’s most fearsome assassins, and was left for dead. Deciding that she had fought enough, she decided to go into exile and live the rest of her life more peacefully. But when new unrest shook the planet and the Overwatch League’s help became necessary again, Ana decided to come out of hiding and get back to work.


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