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Mercy Diamond (Overwatch)

A shining angel

Mercy is represented here in Diamond version, that is to say with a part of the figurine partly covered with glitter. She is placed on a transparent base which gives the impression that she is partially in flight. She is wearing brown pants with black boots and a long gray and brown tunic with sequins that gives her a metallic look. In the back she has white and gray angel wings with gray sequins. Her hair is blonde and above her, she has a halo covered with golden glitter.


A healing angel

Mercy is one of the many playable characters in the online video game Overwatch from Blizzard Studios. Mercy is a brilliant Swiss neurosurgeon. She has done a lot of work on nanobiology, which has brought her to the attention of the Overwatch league. Being a profound pacifist, she has long refused to work with them. But realizing that she could, by their side, save many lives around the world, she finally accepted.


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