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Figurines Pop Reinhardt & Brigitte (Overwatch)

An impressive duo

For this exclusive two-pack, Funko has represented Brigitte and her mentor in Overwatch. The latter is depicted with his futuristic yet medieval-inspired armor in a copper color with gray tones. He holds in his hands his impressive hammer improved with modern technologies. On the head, he is not wearing his helmet and we can see his white hair and beard as well as the scar that cost him an eye. As for Brigitte, she also wears a full metal armor in shades of gray but holds a hammer of a more reasonable size as well as a shield, object which is her specialty. Finally, on the head, we find her freckles as well as her red hair and what looks like a silver crown on her head.


A knight and his squire

Reinhardt is one of the most respected fighters in the Overwatch league in the video game of the same name. Originally from Germany, he used to fight with armor and weapons reminiscent of the Middle Ages and follow the codes of chivalry. Although he was forced to retire, he continued to travel the world trying to help the poor and fight evil. Brigitte is the daughter of the famous engineer Torbjorn but, interested for a while in her father’s profession, she decided instead to follow in the footsteps of her godfather Reinhardt and develop armor rather than weapons. She became his squire to help him in his missions before becoming a respected fighter herself.


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