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Pharah (Overwatch)

The Egyptian Heroine

As can be seen in the game, Pharah always wears an impressive metal armor that allows her to effectively protect herself from all types of attacks. We can see the many details of this blue armor, especially the reinforcements on the shoulders. In her hands, she holds her famous falcon rocket launcher. On the head, we can see the brown color of her skin as well as the small symbol drawn under her eye reminding her Egyptian origin. As for the hair, we can see his black hair as well as the two golden links on the two braids on the sides of his face.


A woman willing to work for the good of all

Pharah is one of the many playable characters in Blizzard Studios’ popular first-person shooter video game Overwatch. The game takes place in a futuristic world ten years after Overwatch, an elite troop managed to end a war between humans and robots. Pharah is Egyptian and her dream was to join the Overwatch troop. Only when she was old enough to join, the war was already over and the troop disbanded. She decided to join the Egyptian army and was noticed for her services. She was offered a job in a private security agency that was in charge of the security of a research site on artificial intelligence on the Giza plateaus. But Pharah never forgets her dream of one day joining Overwatch. Pharah’s specialty is attacking, and she possesses impressive weapons in addition to her impressive protective armor.


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