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Moira (Overwatch)

Altered Appearance

Moira is shown wearing her black skin-tight outfit with high boots and two long pieces of armor extending from her waist giving her appearance an insect-like appearance. At the top, there are long black sleeves and she holds two spheres in her hands which she uses to throw biotic energy that heals her allies. On the head, we find her short red hair and we find her modified red eye as well as the machine on her blue eye.


A genius geneticist

Moira O’Deorain is a playable healer character in the online video game Overwatch from Blizzard Studios. She is an Irish-born geneticist who became a household name when she published an article saying that she had found the ability to modify the human genome. This could be the possibility of curing almost any disease and should be a revolution. Unfortunately, the public began to doubt and criticize her work for ethical reasons. His career ended up being damaged until a secret faction of Overwatch offered him to work for them. When the organization was disbanded, she moved to the mysterious island of Oasis where she continued her research in peace.


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