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Pharah titanium (Overwatch)

A brilliant version of Pharah

For this figure, exclusive to the Blizzard store, Funko has represented Pharah with a titanium version of her famous metallic armor. This one covers her whole body to protect her but its design still allows her to move. As always, the details are particularly well reproduced, which makes it a very successful figure. In her hands, she holds the powerful weapon she uses in the game. Finally, on the head, we find her brown skin and this particular makeup under her right eye which reminds us of her Egyptian origin. Finally, we can recognize her brown hair done in a square as well as the golden rings that decorate the braids on the sides of her face.


An exemplary fighter

Pharah is one of the playable heroines of the famous online video game Overwatch. Training from a young age, Pharah joined the army of her country, Egypt, as soon as she had the chance. She quickly received the recognition of her peers and superiors by showing outstanding warrior skills. That’s why when new troubles seem to affect the whole planet and the legendary Overwatch league starts to reform, Pharah sees her chance to take on a new challenge. Indeed, having heard the exploits of these heroes since her childhood, she dreamed of joining them even more than the army of her country.


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