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Widowmaker winter (Overwatch)

A slayer in winter

Funko has depicted widowmaker here with her winter skin. It’s still a tight-fitting suit that serves as her armor, but this time it’s white instead of purple. As on the normal version of the character, she wears her famous helmet with several green raised circles which give the impression of spider eyes. Finally, we find of course her purple skin and the grappling gun which is her main weapon in the game.


A relentless slayer

Widowmaker is one of the most famous playable heroines of the online video game Overwatch. Although she is now one of the most effective killers in the criminal organization the Claw, Widowmaker has long been on the side of good and her story is quite tragic. She was actually the wife of an Overwatch agent before being captured by the Claw. They brainwashed her, programming her to kill her husband in her sleep before capturing her again to finish her programming. They made sure to slow down her heart to make her a terribly efficient killer, which also explains the purple tint her skin eventually took on.


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