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Mei Christmas (Overwatch)

A Winter Character

This exclusive version of the character was only sold in Gamestop stores as a pack with the Christmas version of the Tracer character. Like the Tracer Christmas figure, Mei is dressed in shades of red, white and green. Her big boots are red and white and her usual anorak is red and green with a white border that makes her look like Mother Christmas. Finally, she is wearing her usual big black-rimmed glasses and a red and white Santa hat.


A committed climatologist

Mei is one of the playable characters of the online video game Overwatch. She is a brilliant Chinese climatologist who was sent to Antarctica by Overwatch many years ago. With a team of scientists, she was there to analyze the climate and try to understand the reasons of the disruption. But a huge storm hit the station and it was partially destroyed. As the food was running out and the help was waiting, they decided to put themselves in a cryogenic chamber. But help never came and when the station was finally found years later, Mei was the only survivor and the world had changed, the climatic disturbances having become much worse. She set off across the world with her portable climate control device to try and solve the puzzle.


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