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Genji (Overwatch)

An elegant robot

Genji is represented with his full white and brown armor giving in some places the illusion of real human muscles and we can notice many details like the metallic claws on his fists. At the head level, he wears a big metallic helmet that hides his face completely. He has two horns on the sides which seem to be of Japanese inspiration and we can see a green light where his eyes should be.


A very human cyborg

Genji is one of the playable heroes of the video game Overwatch and whose story is closely linked to Hanzo. Genji was Hanzo’s younger brother, but unlike Hanzo, he didn’t care much about family matters. When Hanzo took over from his father, he tried to bring Genji back into the family crime empire but failed and after a fight, Hanzo left Genji for dead. Genji was rescued by Overwatch who offered to save him by partially transforming his body into a machine. This gave him increased strength and agility and for a time he worked with Overwatch to dismantle the Shimada empire. But disgusted with his body and unaccepting of his cyborg existence, he left Overwatch and set out to travel the world to find answers to his questions. It is thanks to the monk Zenyatta that he found peace and accepted that even with a machine body, his soul was intact.


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