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Ashe (Overwatch)

A modern cowgirl

As the leader of a gang in the Great Plains areas of the southern United States, Ashe has adopted a modern cowgirl look. She wears leather pants with heavy boots and a white shirt and black vest. On her clothes, we find several details of golden armor that also give her a little steampunk side. Finally, we find his white hair cut to the square and his cowboy hat stuck on his head. Of course, Funko did not forget to represent her strange red eyes as well as her little mole above her mouth.


A rich kid turned criminal

Ashe is one of the playable characters of the famous online video game Overwatch. Ashe comes from a wealthy family with a good reputation among the powerful. For a long time, she felt neglected by her parents, who entrusted her to her omniatic butler most of the time. Her life took a very different turn when she fell in love with the bandit McCree and discovered what she really enjoyed in life. She began to carry out robberies and other criminal activities and her talent brought her a certain recognition but also made her the target of criminal organizations. She managed to convince them to work together instead of against each other and ended up leading the powerful Deadlocks gang.


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