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Orisa (Overwatch)

A true protector

Orisa is an impressively large robot, so it was only logical that Funko would represent her in the form of a six-inch super-sized figure. With her colorful style and the traditional patterns on some parts of her robotic body, it is clear that this robot was born from the imagination of a young Nigerian girl. Despite her rather nice appearance, her right arm still contains a cannon and her physique remains impressive and reminds us that she is there to protect the inhabitants of the city.


A newborn robot

Orisa is part of a brand new generation of robots in the online game Overwatch. She was built by Efi, a gifted eleven year old Nigerian girl whose robotic talents do not go unnoticed by the authorities, having already received a scholarship from the Adawe Foundation. Her parents agreed to buy back the parts of an old OR15 robot. She reconfigured it into a protective robot for her city and even gave it a new, feminine personality, which Orisa began to develop thanks to her evolving artificial intelligence.


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