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D.Va finger guns (Overwatch)

D.Va alone

Funko decided to represent D.Va alone with the standard skin of her character. It’s a blue skin-tight jumpsuit at the bust and thighs and white at the legs and outer thighs. She also has several pink elements and many sponsor patches on the right thigh. On the face, she wears her hair long and brown with a small fringe. She has pink drawings on her cheeks and a pink helmet on her ears.


A formidable player

D.Va is one of the many heroines that the player can embody in the famous online video game Overwatch. D. Va was one of the best professional players in South Korea until her government called her in. Monsters had landed on the coast from the sea and the mechs sent to fight them were ineffective because they were too predictable. The government then had the idea to use human pilots for the mechs and who better than professional gamers used to control big machines or robots on their screens.


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