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Young Anakin Skywalker (Star Wars)

Anakin ready to race

Anakin is shown here when he is getting ready to race. He is wearing his typical desert beige outfit with matching pants, boots and jacket. Around his neck, he wears a kind of darker scarf. At the level of the head, he wears a helmet of aviator seeming at the same time a little retro and futuristic. It is metallic with red and green spots offering a kind of camouflage and big glasses are put in front of his face.


A terrible destiny

Anakin Skywalker, later known as Darth Vader, is one of the heroes of the second Star Wars trilogy starting about thirty years before the first. Anakin is a young slave boy from the planet Tatooine. When he helps the young Padm? Amidala and the jedi Qi-Gon Jinn to repair their ship, Qi-Gon detects that he possesses the force and so decides to bet on him during the ship race, which allows him to buy him from his owner and free him. He then offers him to come with him and be entrusted to Obi-Wan Kenobi who will train him. Very quickly, we realize that the boy possesses the force in a more powerful way than anyone else in a long time and that this could be double-edged.


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