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Yzma (The Emperor’s New Groove)

Advisor for centuries

Like all the other characters in the cartoon, Yzma has a rather extravagant look and a physique that is not at all realistic. It is mentioned several times in the cartoon that she is very old and that’s why her skin is purple, very wrinkled and she is very thin. She wears a long black dress with feathers on the shoulders and slit at the level of the leg and leaving a foot with a simple black sandal. At the level of the head, she wears a big smile with yellowed teeth and not really reassuring as well as a skeletal nose and eyes with three strange long lashes. She wears a kind of strange bun on her head and finally, she holds in her hand one of the vials that could be the poison or the potion that turns into a llama.

The emperor’s advisor

Yzma is one of the main characters of one of the most delirious cartoons of the Disney studios. She is the advisor of the young Inca emperor Kuzco. At the beginning of the film, when he suspects that his advisor is trying to take a little too much power, he decides to send her away. Mad with rage, Yzma decides to take revenge and to kill Kuzco before the news of her dismissal has gone around the palace. With the help of her very young and enthusiastic assistant Kronk, Yzma prepares a meal and invites Kuzco to dine under the pretext of reconciliation. But whereas Kronk is supposed to serve poison in Kuzco’s drink, he serves him a potion which transforms him into a llama. Yzma orders Kronk to knock him out then to kill him and to get rid of the body. But Kronk has remorse and loses the body of the unconscious lama before having had time to kill him. When Yzma learns this, she soon decides to take Kronk with her to find him and finish the job.


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