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Kronk Laboratoire Secret (The Emperor’s New Groove)

A Llama Potion

For this exclusive figure, Kronk has been portrayed as he is in the famous scene where he and Yzma go to the secret laboratory. He wears a kind of white coat with gray geometric patterns and we can see his very broad shoulders. He also wears, like Yzma, black gloves and black goggles. We also find his very square face with his black hair and his small blue hat. He wears a very large diabolic smile and holds in his hand his pink potion which transforms Kuzco into a llama.

An assistant of shock

Kronk is one of the important characters of the cartoon Kuzco the Emperor Megalo of the Disney studios (The Emperor’s New Groove in VO). He is the new assistant of Yzma, the very old adviser of the young egocentric emperor Kuzco. Kronk is a nice and friendly character, which always contrasts with the unpleasant and evil side of Yzma. When the latter is fired, she decides to take revenge by taking advantage of a dinner with Kuzco to kill him by poisoning him. But Kronk makes a mistake with the potion and Kuzco is transformed into a llama. He has to kill him and get rid of the body but he doesn’t have the heart to do it and throws Kuzco in a waterfall. This one finds himself in the cart of a villager whose village Kuzco wanted to raze. When Kronk tells Yzma that he didn’t really kill Kuzco, they go on a chase through the jungle, with Kuzco also trying to find them because he doesn’t know that it was Yzma who tried to kill him.


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