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Yzma Laboratoire Secret (The Emperor’s New Groove)

A diabolical plan

For this exclusive figure, Funko has represented Yzma as we see her when she goes to her secret laboratory. We still find her purple face and her almost skeletal side but she wears a kind of white lab coat instead of her purple dress. She also wears black gloves and big protective glasses. She wears a wide, ominous smile and stands with her hands together as if preparing to make a diabolical plan.

A Machiavellian character

Yzma is one of the main characters in the Disney cartoon Kuzco the Mega Emperor (The Emperor’s New Groove in VO). She is the adviser of the young and egocentric emperor Kuzco of the Inca kingdom. At the beginning of the film, feeling that Yzma wants to take control a little too much, he sends her away. Determined to get revenge, she and her assistant Kronk find themselves in his secret laboratory and devise a diabolical plan to kill him and take power before the rest of the kingdom learns that Yzma has been dismissed. They want to poison him at a dinner party but Kronk makes a mistake with the potion and Kuzco is turned into a llama. While Yzma takes advantage of it to take the power, Kronk is supposed to kill him definitively but does not have the heart to do it and is satisfied to get rid of him by throwing him in a waterfall. Upon learning that he is not dead, Yzma and Kronk embark on a journey through the jungle to find him.


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