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Kuzco Lama (The Emperor’s New Groove)

A funny llama

For this exclusive figurine, Kuzco has been represented here in his llama form. He stands on his four legs. His fur is brown on the body but black on the head, reminding us of Kuzco’s hair in his human form. On the face, although he is a llama, we recognize the facial features of Kuzco and with his ears and eyebrows raised, his expression is particularly well represented.

The Emperor Lama

Kuzco is the main character of the cartoon Kuzco the Emperor Mega (The Emperor’s New Groove in VO). He is a young, immature Inca emperor who only cares about his own pleasure and amusement. At the beginning of the film, he summons a man whose village he wants to raze to the ground to install his new swimming pool, in order to ask him what is the best location. Right after, he fires his old advisor Yzma and she, mad with rage, swears to take revenge. She invites him to dinner to make peace” and tries to poison him. But Kronk, his assistant, makes a mistake with the potion and turns him into a llama. When he tries to get rid of the unconscious body, he falls into the cart of the desperate villager who is going home. When he wakes up, he is terrified. When Pasha, the villager, realizes who he is, he agrees to escort him to the palace to ask for Yzma’s help even though Kuzco still hasn’t agreed to change his mind about his village. But maybe their adventures in the jungle will help the young emperor mature a little.


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