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Kronk Scout (The Emperor’s New Groove)

The man who talks to squirrels

For this exclusive figurine, Kronk has been represented in one of the last scenes of the movie when we see him in the forest teaching several children to speak squirrel. He is wearing his scout outfit, a beige tunic with a green belt and brown shoes that he accompanies with a cowboy hat. He stands with one arm on his hip and the other is stretched out to his side with a squirrel resting on it holding a hazelnut and also wearing a hat that matches Kronk’s.

A man of many talents

Kronk is an important character in the Disney cartoon Kuzco the Mega Emperor (The Emperor’s New Groove in VO). Kronk is the young assistant of Yzma, adviser of the young and egocentric Inca emperor Kuzco. When the latter dismisses Yzma because he finds that she allows herself too many responsibilities within the government, she swears to take revenge. She invites Kuzco to dinner and asks Kronk to pour poison in the emperor’s glass. But Kronk makes a mistake with the potion and turns him into a llama. Yzma knocks him out before he realizes it and orders Kronk to kill him and get rid of the body. But Kronk’s consciousness in the form of an angel and a demon, prevent him from doing so. He simply throws the unconscious Kuzco’s body which falls into the cart of a villager whose village Kuzco wanted to destroy. When Kronk confesses that he did not kill Kuzco, Yzma will embark him in the jungle to leave in search of him. We will then realize that Kronk is not only a simple assistant with big arms and that he has many talents, such as cooking and speaking some forest languages.


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