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Zombie Thor (Marvel Zombies)

A terrifying god

Thor is represented here in zombie version. He is wearing his usual comic book outfit, a blue jumpsuit with yellow boots and belt and a red cape. He is also holding his hammer Mjolnir. We can see that his skin is very damaged, as if in decay and his ribs are even visible in some places. On the head, we find his blond hair and his winged helmet but again, his skin is very damaged and decomposed and his gums are visible.


A zombie god

Zombie Thor is a version of the Marvel character found in the Marvel Zombies comic book series taking place on a parallel Earth, Earth-2149. In this version of Earth, the god of thunder had also joined the Avengers but everything changed when an epidemic turning people into zombies struck. Thor fought with the Avengers, some mutants, S.H.I.E.L.D. and other heroes for a while, but he was infected while destroying a teleportation device that the zombies could have used to infect other realities. He is zombified by one of the Fantastic Four and was met several times afterwards walking in the streets looking for fresh meat.


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