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Zombie Rogue (Marvel Zombies)

A terrible appearance

Rogue is shown here in her traditional comic book costume, a tight yellow and green jumpsuit and a short brown leather jacket. One of his legs has been partially cut off and you can see the bone and a pool of green blood sticking out. His ribs are also visible as well as a piece of flesh on his thigh. At the level of the head, its skin is grey and crumpled and lets appear pieces of green flesh by places. She has almost no nose and her gums are visible. As for the hair, we find the white hair strand and the rest of her reddish-brown hair falling in her back.


A Dangerous Power

Rogue is a famous character from the Marvel universe, specifically X-Men where she is one of the main characters. In the Marvel Zombies comic book series, the parallel earth Earth-2149 is ravaged by a terrible epidemic turning almost all of humanity into zombies. If some superheroes manage to avoid it, many others are contaminated and become particularly dangerous zombies since they keep a large part of their intellect and especially their power to help them in their quest for fresh meat. Rogue’s power, which she often considered a curse, is particularly dangerous for a zombie since a simple physical contact allows her to suck the life force from the person she touches. And of course, the zombie version of Rogue doesn’t hesitate to use it.


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