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Captain America with Thor’s hammer (Avengers Endgame)

The power of Thor

Funko represented here Captain America during the final fight against Thanos when he wields the hammer of Thor. He is wearing his usual blue suit with red and white stripes and the star on his chest reminding the colors of the American flag. He is also wearing his helmet with the A on the forehead. In his left hand, he holds his shield even if it is half broken and in the other, he holds Thor’s hammer. He is shown jumping up and down as he is thrown by the lightning bolts of the hammer.


Most powerful hero

Captain America is one of the original Avengers and one of those leading the final battle against Thanos at the end of the Avengers Endgame movie. After Thanos wipes out half the galaxy and destroys the stones so that there is no way back, all seemed hopeless at the beginning of the movie Endgame. But then Scott Lang arrives, having spent five years on the quantum plane that seemed to last only a few hours. With the help of the Hulk and finally Tony Stark, the Avengers develop a machine that allows them to go back in time in order to retrieve the stones before Thanos finds them and reunite them to bring back the missing people. They succeed in their mission but bring back a past version of Thanos after them, ready to retrieve the stones to destroy the entire galaxy this time and start over. With the Avengers having brought back their missing friends, an epic battle breaks out between them and Thanos. Indeed, during the fight, Captain America’s shield is broken and Thor sends him his hammer, proving that Captain America was the only human worthy of wielding it.


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