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Star-Lord (Les Gardiens De La Galaxie)

Star-Lord, guardian of the galaxy

If Peter Quill has a recognizable look with his long red coat, Funko chose to make this figure even more iconic by representing him with a strange helmet/mask that allows him to move in space or in a toxic environment. Indeed when we rediscover Peter adult for the first time, he wears this strange outfit very characteristic of the character. This gray metal helmet is finely represented, we find many details and among others his red eyes that make him much more terrifying than he really is. We can also see that the helmet doesn’t cover his head entirely, leaving his hair still a little disheveled. Apart from that he is wearing boots and the long red leather coat that he wears during a good part of the movie. Finally he holds in each hand a pistol with a particularly recognizable shape and that we see notably on the poster of the film. The numerous details on his clothes and accessories definitely make it a very successful figure!


Peter, the little boy from Earth

Star-Lord is one of the main characters of the movie Guardians of the Galaxy” adapted from the Marvel comics of the same name. We discover him at the beginning of the movie on Earth, in the 80’s, when he is only a child at his dying mother’s bedside. When she breathes her last without being able to hold her child’s hand, Star-Lord, whose real name is Peter Quill, runs out of the hospital. It is there that he is abducted by an alien ship. After a 25 year time jump, he is found on an alien planet, sent by his “boss”, the same one who had abducted him as a child, to steal a mysterious orb. He then realizes that he is not the only one to covet it and decides to find a better buyer. He will find himself with the bounty hunters Rocket and Groot on his back, as well as Gamora, an alien mutant, who will explain to them the true function of this orb, which is simply to destroy a planet! They decide, with the help of a strange character named Drax they met in prison, to team up to prevent the orb from falling into the wrong hands. Peter Quill is a character who ended up becoming a thief without having much say in the matter, but who will show when necessary that he has a good heart. He is a seducer who also often plays with Earth cultural references to mock his companions. Star-Lord is the nickname he gave himself and by which he would like to be known even if it is unfortunately far from being the case.


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