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King Deadpool (Deadpool)

A terrifying throne

For this deluxe Pop figure, we find Deadpool on his throne as seen on the cover of the first comic of this series. He is represented with his usual red and black outfit covering his whole body including his face. He is sitting on a golden throne partly covered with red velvet and wears a golden crown on the side of his head. This throne rests on a kind of sea monster with several big blue tentacles, a big mouth under the throne and a tentacle ending with a blue eye that looks like Deadpool.


King Deadpool

Deadpool is the hero of the Deadpool comics and more particularly of the King Deadpool comics. In this series, he finds himself facing the king of monsters who has taken over Staten Island which is overrun with his terrifying subjects. But once the king is defeated, Deadpool finds himself in the uncomfortable position of becoming king. Of course, in addition to this new responsibility, he’s going to have a tough time with Captain America and Elsa Bloodstone.


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