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Elektra (Daredevil)

Another masked heroine

Not being a superheroine, Elektra wears a very specific outfit to fight. This one seems to be the opposite of Daredevil’s one. It is mainly black with a few touches of red where Daredevil’s is mainly red with touches of black. We also find a slight Asian inspiration with this kimono side. Elektra is represented in a fighting posture and holds one of her famous daggers in each hand. At the level of the head, where Daredevil lets appear only the bottom of his face, it is precisely the one she covers with a black cloth. For the rest, we find her long brown hair free in her back.


A figure from the past

Elektra is an important character in season two of Daredevil, the popular Marvel series on Netflix. Daredevil tells the story of Matt Murdock, lawyer by day and vigilante by night. Blinded in an accident as a child, he developed his other senses and fighting skills to fight criminals in New York’s Hell’s Kitchen. At the beginning of season two, as Matt tries to keep the law firm he opened with his best friend Foggy alive, a figure from the past reappears. Elektra was trained by the same mysterious guide who helped Matt develop his abilities. He and Matt had a tumultuous relationship in the past and she is back to ask for his help in taking down a criminal organization. He will help her while trying to keep it a secret but when these criminals turn out to be more than just criminals, it will become more and more complicated.


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