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Bruce Banner Victory Shawarma (Avengers)

A moment of victory

Bruce Banner is shown here as seen in the post-credits scene where all the heroes have gathered to eat a shawarma. Like the Avengers Assemble figures, he is part of a series of six figures that fit together to form a complete scene. He is sitting on a stool in front of a simple black table. He is wearing simple black pants with a striped polo shirt and you can see that his hair is slightly gray. In front of him, there are several cups, baskets of red French fries, a jar of ketchup and shawarma sandwiches in other red baskets.


Hulk satiated

Bruce Banner is one of the heroes of the movie Avengers from Marvel studios. Also known as the Hulk, he is a scientist who wanted to develop a formula close to the serum that transformed Steve Rogers into Captain America but it did not work as planned. The result is that whenever he is angry or in danger, the Hulk, a green, overpowered but uncontrollable creature takes over. In the Avengers movie, he was recruited by SHIELD to help repel an alien attack led by Loki and an impressive Chitauri army. After an impressive battle that ravages part of New York City, the heroes gather for a shawarma to celebrate their victory


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