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Thanos with gauntlet (Avengers Infinity War)

Thanos and his gauntlet

Thanos is represented here with his famous gauntlet on which he managed to gather the six infinity stones. Otherwise, he is of course wearing his brown pants with matching boots and his famous purple tunic with nice golden armor elements. As in the movie, he has his purple titan skin with impressive muscles not to mention the funny shape of the bottom of his face and the marks on some parts of his skin like his shoulders.


The last of the titans

Thanos is the great villain of the third and fourth part of the Avengers films named Infinity War. We already met him in the first opus of the Guardians of the Galaxy where he had already launched Gamora in search of one of the infinity stones. She decided to use it to sell it and free herself from Thanos’ clutches before finally joining Peter Quill’s group and saving the planet that Thanos had planned to destroy. In Infinity War, Thanos has already been able to get his hands on several other stones and he intends to come to Earth to get the two missing stones and thus obtain the ultimate power. His goal, which he describes as altruistic, is to erase the existence of half of the inhabitants of the galaxy. Indeed, on his home planet, overpopulation was becoming a problem and he had proposed this solution. It was of course rejected and the planet became uninhabitable, which then reinforced his conviction that his solution was finally the right one.


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