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Luke Cage (Jessica Jones)

An impressive physique

As we can see in the series, Luke Cage has a physique that does not go unnoticed, even beyond his superhuman strength and resistance. However, he tries to dress in the simplest and most discreet way possible and in that, he is well in agreement with Jessica Jones. We find his usual blue jeans and his big black shoes that he wears with a simple blue t-shirt and a black leather jacket that seems to match Jessica’s. At the level of the head, we find of course his brown skin, his shaved head and his characteristic goatee.


The debut of a cult character

Luke Cage is an important character in season 1 of the Marvel/Netflix series Jessica Jones. The series tells the story of Jessica Jones, a New York City private investigator with superhuman powers who is trying to rebuild herself after a traumatic experience. At the beginning of the series, she regularly spies on a man working in a bar without knowing the reason. After a while, she decides to go and see him to warn him that the woman he is seeing is in fact married and that he is her lover without knowing it. When she discovers that he is like her and has superhuman strength, this will bring them closer and they will start a kind of relationship. It is only later that we understand why Jessica was interested in him. A few months before, she was under the psychic control of a man named Killgrave who forced her to kill a woman. This woman was Luke Cage’s wife and Jessica feels both guilty and curious to know who this woman was and why Killgrave wanted her life. It was also this very event that freed Jessica from Killgrave’s hold over her. When he learns about it, Luke Cage decides to leave and it is a few months later that we find him as the hero of his own adventures in Luke Cage.


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