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Deadpool pirate (Deadpool)

Deadpool the pirate

In the comics Deadpool likes to dress up a lot, which could give ideas for dozens of figurines. Funko decided to represent him with a pirate hat. We find him with his usual black and red suit from head to toe, the location of his eyes marked by two black shapes. On his head is placed a black pirate tricorn with the classic skull and crossbones symbol.


The mercenary turned superhero

Deadpool is the central character of the famous Marvel comics of the same name. He was first known as an enemy of the X-Men, then following the success of the character, he became a superhero in his own adventures. He is a former CIA assassin turned mercenary, who participated in scientific experiments. The result was to cure his cancer and make him immortal but also to leave him disfigured. He wears a black and red integral suit at all times. His methods are more than expedient and he is rather mentally unstable. But he is most famous for his zany and offbeat humor and his habit of talking directly to the reader.


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