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Proxima Midnight (Avengers Infinity War)


Thanos’ witch

Proxima Midnight is one of Thanos’ disciples who accompanies him in the galaxy and then on Earth in his mission to find the six infinity stones and thus obtain enough power to carry out his plan: cancel the life of half of the inhabitants of the galaxy to solve the problems of famine and overpopulation. Proxima Midnight is a witch and a fierce warrior who is very loyal to her master. She is the one he sends to fight Scarlett Witch and Vision and thus recover the spirit stone on his forehead. She is almost there despite the combined efforts of Scarlett Witch and Vision when Captain America, Black Widow and Falcon arrive to help them and keep Vision safe. Like the other followers of Thanos, Proxima Midnight also wears a gray suit with nicely reproduced lighter details but also several golden armor elements on her arms and legs. On her head, we find her strange horned mask, her red eyes and once again this grey skin that gives her a rather unhealthy look. His look is completed by his blue hair and the nicely detailed silver stick in his right hand.


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