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Logan (X-Men)

Logan in civilian clothes

Logan is represented here with his civilian look and not with his Wolverine costume. We find beige pants with boots, a black t-shirt and especially his famous leather jacket lined with sheepskin that he wears very often in the comics. His hands are in front of him in a fighting posture with his adamantium claws coming out from between his fingers. On the head, we recognize this haircut and this beard so characteristic that make him look a bit like his totem animal the wolverine (glutton in French).


The toughest X-men

Logan is the real name of one of the most famous and oldest mutants in the X-Men comic book universe. His mutation is a power of regeneration that makes him almost immortal. Thus was born around 1885, he has in the present the appearance of a man of forty years. In addition to that, his mutation also gave him retractable claws. At some point in his life, he is captured by a secret governmental organization that covers his entire skeleton (including his claws) with an almost indestructible metal: adamantium, in order to make him a super soldier. It’s only quite late in his life that Logan joins Professor Xavier’s school and the X-men.


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