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Captain Marvel flying (Captain Marvel)

Awesome Powers

For this exclusive figure, Funko has depicted Captain Marvel in full possession of her powers and in full flight. She’s wearing a modified version of her Kree uniform: blue pants with big red boots, a star on her torso and lots of gold and red elements. At the level of the head, almost all her face is covered with a red helmet which lets just overflow her blond hair on the top. Her hands are shooting flames and finally the whole figure glows in the dark to remind the way she lights up completely when she uses her powers.


A powerful heroine

Captain Marvel is the newcomer in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and one of the most powerful superheroines in the entire Marvel Universe. At the beginning of the film, Vers lives among the Kree as one of their own with no memories older than six years. But when a mission sends her to Earth to pursue a Skrull, Vers takes the opportunity to investigate strange images that appear in her dreams and seem to indicate that she had a life on Earth before. Her name was Carole Danvers and she was a test pilot for the U.S. Army. One day, she tested a new secret machine but her plane was attacked and she crashed. The plane contained a weapon developed by her superior who was in fact a Kree in disguise. She had realized that the persecution of the Skrulls was unfair and this weapon would have allowed them to escape the Kree forever. When the reactor exploded, Carol received its full power and it gave her strength and powers beyond imagination. But it gave her amnesia and the evil Kree used it to their advantage.


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