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Black Panther warrior falls (Black Panther)

Ceremonial outfit

Black Panther is represented here with the outfit he wears during the ceremony. He wears simple black patterned shorts with a belt and several golden bracelets on his ankles and arms. At the head, he wears a ritual mask representing the black panther with small ears and beautiful golden patterns finely reproduced by Funko. Finally Black Panther is of course represented in a fighting posture with his legs spread and his hands in an almost feline attitude.


A deserved place of king

Black Panther, whose real name is T’Challa, is the future king of the hidden and imaginary kingdom of Wakanda in the comic and the movie of the Marvel studios Black Panther. Indeed, T’Challa’s father has just died, but before he can officially become king, T’Challa must undergo an ancestral ceremony. Indeed, all the rulers of Wakanda have the powers of the Black Panther thanks to a flower growing only in this country giving them an increased strength and agility and during this ceremony, they must take a product that cancels the effects in order to prove their true value against potential rivals who would like to challenge the future ruler. This ceremony takes place at the edge of Warrior Falls and T’Challa successfully completes the challenge, officially becoming the new king. This was of course without knowing that another challenger would soon show up.


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