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Captain America (Avengers Endgame)

A new uniform

Captain America is shown here with the new armor created specifically by Tony Stark to travel through time. This one is mainly grey with black parts on the torso and the inside of the legs as well as some red elements reminding Iron Man and a small Avengers A on the chest. He still wears his famous blue Captain America helmet and mask with the A on the forehead and the brown leather strap. Like the other Avengers, he is shown in a fighting stance.


Captain America still has hope

Captain America is one of the main characters of the Avengers Endgame movie. After Thanos’ victory and the disappearance of half the population in the previous movie, we find the Avengers desperate and looking for a solution. The arrival of Captain Marvel gives them hope. She manages to recover the ship in which Tony Stark and Nebula were drifting and thanks to her, they think they will be able to find Thanos on the planet where he retired to get the gauntlet and reverse what he did. But Thanos has destroyed the stones and all hope is lost. We then find the Avengers five years later. Some have retired and others are trying to help the people as best they can. Steve Rogers leads support meetings for people who have lost many loved ones. While visiting Natasha at the Avengers tower, they are visited by Scott Lang who has finally come out of the quantum plane he was stuck in for five years and thinks he has a solution, time travel. Captain America is of course one of the first to try to reunite the Avengers, especially Tony Stark who they would need to build the machine.


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