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Holiday Deadpool (Marvel)

Original weapons

Funko has chosen to represent Deadpool for its series of Christmas figurines, which fits well with the character’s taste for disguises and ridiculous accessories. He is shown here in a fighting stance holding two red and white candy canes as fighting sticks. Of course, he is still wearing his tight black and red suit with his belt where we find the same pattern as on his mask.


A hero like no other

Deadpool is an unusual superhero from the Marvel universe. His real name is Wade Wilson and he is a former CIA agent turned mercenary. He became almost immortal following scientific experiments that aimed to cure his incurable cancer. But this also had the consequence of disfiguring him and he perpetually wears a mask and a costume hiding his entire body. But Deadpool is best known for his unique and offbeat sense of humor and his habit of breaking the famous 4th wall. He also has questionable methods and morals that often bring him into conflict with the X-Men who would like to see him join their group and adopt their methods.


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