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1950 Batmobile (Batman)

A cult car

Batman is represented here with one of the first versions of the Batmobile. It is a long black car and very retro with its front and its chrome headlights. We can also see the famous black bat head on the front of the car and the two small wings making the car more aerodynamic. Batman sits with his hands on the steering wheel and wears his Batman outfit of the time, a gray and blue suit with eyebrows and nose marked in blue on his mask and matching gloves.


The most famous DC hero

Batman is probably one of the most famous comic book heroes and definitely the most popular in the DC universe. His story has been told many times in various contexts and with very different endings, often getting darker and darker, moving away from the mysterious but rather good-natured atmosphere of the first comics. His origin story remains more or less the same. His name is Bruce Wayne and he is the very rich heir of the Wayne empire and Wayne manor. After the assault and death of his parents as a child, he was raised by his valet, Alfred, and as an adult decided to train to become a vigilante. Using his money and engineering skills, he built a secret cellar under his house and many technologically advanced gadgets and vehicles. Using his fighting skills and a secret identity inspired by the bat, he set out to fight crime in Gotham City, accompanied by his faithful sidekick, Robin.


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