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50’s Vision chase (WandaVision)

A robot going to work

For this chase version of the figure, Funko has represented Vision with his 50’s costume, all in black and white but with his real Vision face. He wears a smart grey suit with brown shoes and a tie with a small symbol reminding the symbol on his chest. He is holding his worker’s briefcase in his hand. On his face and hands, we find the metal around his head and especially the infinity stone on his forehead.


A surprising new life

Vision is one of the main characters in the WandaVision series of the Marvel universe. It follows the events of Avengers Infinity War and Endgame. Vision is a creature whose body is entirely robotic but who was created by Tony Stark using the personality of his artificial intelligence Jarvis and the Mind Stone, one of the Infinity Stones that gave him a soul”. He was killed by Thanos before the “snap” and therefore could not be brought back to life after the five-year time jump. In WandaVision, he suddenly finds himself in the 1950’s in a sitcom atmosphere, young married to Wanda and having just moved to a small suburban town. But reality is obviously not what it seems.


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