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Billy and Tommy Halloween (WandaVision)

A recognizable style

The two boys are shown here on Halloween, each respectively dressed in a low-rent version of their mother and uncle in the comics. Billy wears gray pants, sweater and sneakers but wears a red cape like his mother. He is also wearing gray gloves and is projecting his powers with his right hand. In the other, he is holding a small pumpkin-shaped basket. Tommy is wearing the same blue t-shirt with a lightning bolt as his uncle Pietro. He is also wearing blue shorts, lighter tights and gray sneakers. He holds a water bomb in his hand and the same pumpkin basket in the other. Finally his hair is styled in spikes up and back with blonde tips.


Children who grow up really fast

Billy and Tommy are the children of Wanda and Vision in the series WandaVision. At the beginning of the series, we find the couple in a 1950s sitcom atmosphere as they try to fit in in the small town of Westview. In the second episode, we learn that Wanda is pregnant and she finds herself giving birth in the following episode after being pregnant for only a few days. She gives birth to twins Billy and Tommy who grow up very quickly, which seems consistent with the fact that each episode takes place in a different time period. In episode six set on Halloween, the twins have had another growth spurt and, with the arrival of their supposedly dead Uncle Pietro, they begin to develop their own powers. One can go very fast, the other can read minds. At the end of the series, we understand that Wanda has taken control of this small town because of the grief caused by Vision’s death. Her grief also allowed her to create a new version of Vision as well as her children.


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