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Agatha Harkness (WandaVision)

An impressive witch

Agatha is represented here as we see her in the last episodes of the season when she has resumed her normal appearance of witch. She is shown flying on a clear plastic base with one finger pointing forward and an energy ball in the other. She is wearing a long dress in shades of purples and greens with many ruffles and long sleeves floating in the wind. Her long brown hair is also floating in the wind.


It was Agatha from the beginning

Agatha Harkness is an important character of the season 1 of the series WandaVision. In this series, we find Wanda Maximoff who, having her heart broken after the death of Vision, creates a world based on the series she watched in her childhood by using her magic. In this world, she is married to Vision and starts a family with him. But in order to make her world perfect, she also uses her magic to control the people in the small town she has settled in. In this town, there is Agnes, the conniving and slightly too curious neighbor who always seems to be there at the right time and is never surprised by the strange things that happen to Wanda. Towards the end of the series, we learn that Agnes is actually Agatha, a witch several hundred years old who has been drawn to Wanda’s powers. She thinks that the latter is the mythical Scarlett Witch and she wants to try to steal her powers, considering that the latter is not able to master them.


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