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50’s Wanda (WandaVision)

A sitcom heroine

Wanda is depicted here as we see her in the first episode of the first season of WandaVision. She is shown in shades of gray and is wearing a typical 50’s voluminous skirt dress with a small white apron over it. She also wears small shoes with heels of light color. She wears a necklace and a bracelet of pearls and her mid-length hair is perfectly styled in the fashion of the time. Finally, she holds the lobster in her hand that she is trying to cook in this episode.


A surprising return

Wanda (Maximoff) is the central character of the Marvel TV series WandaVision. It takes place chronologically after the movies Avengers Endgame and Infinity War in which Wanda had disappeared during the time of Thanos’ snap” but had reappeared after five years. Vision had died before that and did not reappear. Wanda has very powerful telekinesis powers but especially mind control, being able to make people see what she wants. In WandaVision, we first find her in a black and white world of a 50’s sitcom where she and Vision have just settled in a small town and are trying to integrate despite their differences. It is suggested that they are both being observed through screens since we suspect that Wanda is not actually in this world.


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