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The Vision (WandaVision)

A white Vision

This Vision created by SWORD looks a lot like the original but it is all white. We can see this costume with a slightly scaled texture, the boots and the long cape. On the face, we can see the metal parts that remind us of his robotic nature but he doesn’t have the soul stone and instead wears a kind of blue stone on his forehead. He is represented in flight on a transparent base.


A new Vision

The Vision is a new version of Vision created by the government agency SWORD in the series WandaVision. Indeed, after the death of this last one in front of Thanos, they had recovered his body to dismantle it and to be sure that nobody could make a weapon of it. But some of the members of this organization had in mind to turn it into their own weapon. When Wanda, unable to cope with Vision’s death accidentally takes an entire city hostage to create her perfect little sitcom world where she and Vision are alive, SWORD decides to send their new version of Vision to kill the one Wanda created with his mind. Fortunately, both Vision are made on the same base. Vision manages to convince him to help her.


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